Beartooth Alpine Equipment

Do Not Conform

We don't have a corporate mission statement. We've got a rule, both for business and life: Do Not Conform. For us, that means do it differently. Do it better. Test, tweak, break, and try it again until you feel like it's everything your heart, soul, and mind could have imagined. That's what making the best gear possible is all about.

We love climbing. We love pushing it at whatever our level is. We love the friendships and bonds the pursuit of verticality has given us. We mourn the ones we've lost along the way and carry them with us in the mountains. We play our music loud and turn the volume up if shit gets tough.

If you climb with our gear, you're climbing with us. You've put your trust in us. We do not take the honor lightly. We thank you for that, and we can't wait to see what people accomplish with Beartooth along side them. Thank you for being part of the journey!

The Team

  • Charlie Faust - Owner

    Growing up in Georgia and born with a myriad of health problems, Charlie never knew climbing would be the centerpoint of his life. He played the "normal" song and dance, dabbled in climbing while in college for business, and after realizing his mistake ran for the mountains of Colorado. Fast forward 5 years and he's worked as a mountain guide, bartender, run a business, and is one of the most active route developers and first ascensionists in the San Juans. For him, Beartooth is about making gear he's proud to put his name behind, gear that people want to have on their harness, and gear he gets to beat the hell out of in the mountains.

    Instagram: @cookclimbrepeat

  • Paul Shaughnessy - Owner

    Introduced to the mountains by his father Dave at the age of 13, climbing has been part of Paul’s life for over 30 years. After graduating from Wyoming Tech, Paul pursued a career in automotive fabrication and design, eventually starting his own business as a metal craftsman and designer. This 17 year journey provided the expertise on which Beartooth bases its designs. Despite these distractions, Paul never left the mountains and has made numerous ascents at high altitude, first ascents, and is a devoted father and loving husband. If you’re climbing with a piece of Beartooth gear, Paul’s hands examined, sharpened, and put love into it. At the end of the day, he wants to offer a well thought out product that climbers can have respect for and value having alongside them in the mountains.

    Instagram: @paul.shaughnessy.92