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Beartooth Alpine Equipment

Alpine Piton

Alpine Piton

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The lightest steel beak piton on the market.

We shaved every gram possible and created a lightweight alpine protection machine. Clocking in at under 4oz for the full set, you can carry as many as you need for your ascent. Able to protect thinner cracks than our Beartooth piton and still retains solid durability; there is no better choice for pushing your limits in the mountains.

  • Half the weight of the leading competitor.
  • Eye holes at the bottom and head, allowing for diverse racking options and placements in vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Unique geometry and tooth pattern for holding power in the most finicky iced-up and seam cracks.
  • Three hammer points for easy placement and removal.


  • Small: 30g
  • Medium: 36g
  • Large: 42g

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