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Beartooth Alpine Equipment

Beartooth Piton Full Set

Beartooth Piton Full Set

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All three sizes in our versatile, burly, choss-breaking piton. Lighter than the competitors, but with unmatched durability and placement security. This is your "get-out-of-jail-free card" when you can't find any other protection.

  • Our widest placement range, covering beak, knifeblade, and lost arrow piton type placement ranges. Carry one piton instead of three!
  • Eye holes at the bottom and head allow for diverse racking options and security in vertical and horizontal placements.
  • Unique geometry and tooth pattern for holding power in the most finicky seam cracks.
  • Three hammer points for easy placement and removal.


  • Small: 46g
  • Medium: 50g 
  • Large: 56g 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin Kurtz
Useful and bomber

More useful and versatile than other peckers and beaks out there. Definitely more durable it seems! Haven’t aided with them but they are great to pound in choss for some pro. Got the classic bot alpine set and it can still be considered ultralight in my book

Thank you so much for the review, Justin! So stoked to hear you're loving the Beartooth Alpine. Preciate your support! Climb hard, stay safe, and we'll see you out there in the mountains.

Adrien Costa
The Pecker of your dreams!

Having been lucky enough to use the Beartooth and Beartooth Alpine pitons on a handful of first ascent missions in the Beartooth Mountains, I can honestly say that these have consistently been the most crucial piece of gear on our rack, and it hasn't been uncommon to place up to 8 per pitch and several in each thin/ difficult anchor. In fact we've had two bail anchors in difficult rock that only the Beartooths worked in.
I've been able to place these beaks in improbably tiny seams where other beaks would just bounce out. They place easier than any other beak I've used, just gets sucked into the rock. The thicker Beartooth fits in a wide variety of cracks where in the past you'd have to carry Lost Arrows, Knifeblades, etc. We've never had one "get fixed" in the rock, they've always come out, even using crappy ice tool hammers. I've aided off of one that came out by hand when unweighted, yet held me as I reached high for my next piece. And they're lighter and more durable than any other beaks on the market.
Unfortunately, I feel that these beaks shine in the most esoteric and difficult of situations, meaning that you will only realize their superiority if you use them to their fullest potential- compact, exploratory rock, hard aid, iced up cracks, etc. Don't take my word for it though, try them out for yourself! No other beak will ever be on my alpine rack. Excited to test these out on the Big Stone and splitter granite; I'm sure they will excel there too.
Cheers guys for making the high quality, performant, durable gear we want to use in the mountains.

This is the type of stuff that get's us SO FIRED UP!!! We make this gear so folks like you can do rad things in the mountains. Thank you for the review and support, and keep crushing it out there!