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Beartooth Alpine Equipment

Beartooth Piton

Beartooth Piton

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Our versatile, burly, choss-breaking piton. Lighter than the competitors, but with unmatched durability and placement security. This is your "get-out-of-jail-free card" when you can't find any other protection.

Pitons aren't just used by some star alpinist. Whether you're a trad or aid climber or swing a pair of ice tools, our pitons make your climb safer. You can hand place them like a nut, hook them over an edge for aid, or hammer them into the smallest iced up cracks in the alpine. Where nothing else works, Beartooth's pitons keep you heading for the summit. 

  • Our widest placement range, covering beak, knifeblade, and lost arrow piton type placement ranges. Carry one piton instead of three!
  • Eye holes at the bottom and head allow for diverse racking options and security in vertical and horizontal placements.
  • Unique geometry and tooth pattern for holding power in the most finicky seam cracks.
  • Three hammer points for easy placement and removal.


  • Small: 46g
  • Medium: 50g 
  • Large: 56g 

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Customer Reviews

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The best

I’ve been using beaks heavily for the last 10+ years. From A4 big walls, scary mixed, to hand placing them on Eldorado Canyon horror shows. I’ve whipped on them, bent them, broke them. These, by far, are the best I’ve ever used. Tough. Light. Durable. Simply can’t break them. These things are simply a must for every climber to have. Whether aid or mixed. I myself will be building a rack of 40 of these. Simply make the black diamond peckers looks like something from Toys R Us.

Love to see expectations exceeded by someone as experienced as yourself. We strive to truly make the best gear out there, because that's what climbers deserve. Thank you for the review, and keep crushing it out there!